Some much needed rain has fallen over the past week with up to 80mm in places over the last 10 days. This is a very welcoming and uplifting sight and has allowed growers to think seriously about their crop rotations and the potential to plant a summer crop.

Although patchy there were some very good falls and for those lucky enough to get under a storm their prospects for planting a summer crop has improved significantly.
CGS will be holding a Summer Crop Information Seminar at the Bellata Golf Club on the 30th October. We are aiming to ensure growers are able to take full advantage of the rains and give their summer crops the best start possible with the base nutrition requirements fulfilled, as well as have all grower industry requirements completed.

Checking the moisture - Jack Sharp, CGS Business Development Manager, David Meppem “Merinda” Wee Waa and Greg Pearce, CGS Agronomist Wee Waa.


The CGS seminar will include expert talks from local growers and consultants, Bayer, Cotton Seed Distributors, Incitec Pivot Fertilisers, Priag Marketing, CGS and Cotton Australia. Bayer will also be conducting an accreditation for Bollgard 3 which is a requirement for growing cotton.


There will also be pop-up-stalls including Pioneer, Pacific Seeds, Heritage Seeds, Agronomeye, Farmers Edge, Syngenta, Bayer, Farm Service Manager and the Rural Health Network.


We should see some crops go in on the recent rain and, with follow up, the season will hopefully turn for the better. Growers have the option to plant cotton until the end of December and the planting window for Sorghum and Mungbeans extends until mid January. This means there is still time for more rain to top up soil profiles and for growers to take full advantage of the improving season.


The CGS Summer Crop Options Seminar will be held at the Bellata Golf Club on the 30th October starting at 2.30pm with BBQ and drinks to follow. Please RSVP to your local CGS branch or for more information please visit or visit the CGS Facebook page.