Agronomic Consulting

farmers in the field.CGS understands the unique nature of individual farming enterprises & recognises the need for the provision of a tailored & proactive agronomic advisory service.

Facilitated through weekly (or otherwise determined) on farm visits & a personalised relationship; CGS staff work closely with individual growers throughout the entire season.


Such onsite visits enable frequent, open communication between growers & CGS agronomists; assisting in the transfer of new R&D based technology and ensuring that appropriate management practices are included in the crop production system.  This forms the basis for sound, objective agronomic decisions & the timely application of inputs. 


The CGS agronomic consultancy model is a full service, grower focussed way of operating & is offered through a variety of models including fee for service consultancy agreements. Services include cotton, summer coarse grain, oilseed & winter crop management, strategic fallow management solutions & advice regarding herbicide resistance management strategies, biotechnology services provision and strategic soil & plant nutrition monitoring.


Whether you are looking for cutting edge agronomic innovation to maximise profit or are requiring a second opinion regarding an in-crop decision, please speak with your local CGS branch manager or sales agronomist to further understand how CGS can assist you in achieving your production goals.