Decision Agriculture





Join the evolution of modern agronomy.


A result of over a decade of product research & collaborative development by CGS, Decision Agriculture™ is a unique suite of precision farming data services, advanced analytics & agronomic solutions that make optimising your inputs & maximising your profits effortless.


Evaluate.  Investigate.  Activate.  Validate.

With an emphasis on providing actionable solutions, Decision Agriculture™ is built on a site-specific agronomic management strategy that brings together multiple data sources, to allow the analysis of within-field variability.  Objective crop production decisions & the variable rate applications of inputs are then tailored to address the contributing yield limiting factors. At the conclusion of harvest & picking, ongoing program efficacy is quantified & refined spatially.


The resulting management zones and production, as-applied & analysis data are securely stored & retrievable 24/7 via the CGS Decision Agriculture™ web platform, enabling personalised access from any desk top, tablet or smart phone web browser.  The platform also provides a geo-referenced weather service for your farm, supplying forecasts, live radar, 24hr & 1 hr rainfall mapping.


Informed decisions to manage variability & promote profit.

Every square meter of each of your paddocks is unique, with a combined manifest of varied production & inputs, soil type, topography and weed / disease burdens.  Consequently pre-packaged management strategies & one-size-fits-all solutions can result in you achieving less than optimal results. 


Decision Agriculture™ is a systems management approach, with local agronomic support & expertise being integral to the overall package.  The unique benefit of Decision Agriculture™ is that it removes any potential disconnect between the perceptions of the precision farming data analyst & the localised expertise & management solutions developed by the agronomist. 


The same person that designs & conducts your pre season soil sampling, is the person with whom you collaboratively develop your seasonal nutrient budget, who then develops, writes & installs your variable rate fertiliser scripts & finally collects, cleans & analyses your yield data. 


This continuity of care ensures that your investment in site-specific management is supported by an advisor who understands your individual needs, understands the relevant local agronomic practices, & can manage all site specific data collection, analysis, reporting & variable rate solutions to ensure a seamless integration into your everyday farming activities.

Powered by CGS, a sustainable future for you.

There are unlimited possibilities regarding how our tools, software & solutions can be applied to maximise the profitability of your enterprise.  Getting started is easy, please contact your local CGS branch manager to discuss how we can work with you to find a solution that is tailored to your requirements and can help you achieve your profitability goals. 




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