cropsFor over a Decade, the cotton industry’s flagship environmental stewardship program, BMP (Best Management Practices) has radically changed the way cotton is grown in Australia and has been used as a model for change by other Australian agricultural industries.

The myBMP program is a second generation web based program (evolved from BMP) that allows all industry stakeholders free access the latest technical data, information and research, and provides a wide variety of tools to enable operational efficiency gains.


By participating, 11 key areas (modules) of your farm operations are recorded, monitored & audited: biosecurity, biotechnology, energy & GHG, fibre quality, HR, IPM, natural assets, pesticide management (storage), petrochemical storage, soil health & water management. 


Each module includes the latest available science around that topic, as well as the industry’s best practice guidelines for management.  The myBMP modules also provide direct action advice, based on industry research findings, to provide assistance regarding; minimising pesticide use, sustainably controlling weeds and crop diseases, maximising  water use efficiency, improving soil health, and protecting native animals and vegetation.


Direct benefits associated with the cotton industry’s commitment to sustainability through myBMP include; access to the latest information & research, confidence that all workplace legal requirements have been met, the ability to store all your important documents in one online location, safer farm workplaces, healthier natural environments, reduced input costs, optimally run farm businesses and improved community health.


Currently, 12 CGS agronomists are certified myBMP advisors, who can enable your participation with the program through the provision of locally based practical support to assist with; program registration, determining the most appropriate levels of participation for individual enterprises, writing action plans, assisting with audit preparation & providing support for ongoing accreditation. 


CGS myBMP advisors additionally provide technical services & support, such as GPS farm mapping or, for e.g. advice regarding soil structure / compaction issues; which assist you to fulfil module practice requirements & achieve accreditation.


For more information, please contact your local CGS branch manager or sales agronomist; or follow the following link.


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