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The Australian cotton industry is an agricultural success story; striving for continued gains in environmental best practice & being outward looking, cohesive & strategically directed.  

The industry also has an embedded tradition of innovation, leveraging upon R&D to achieve continued production & environmental improvements.  Since our inception in 1979, CGS has played a collaborative role in the development, implementation & refinement of numerous key products enabling the successful production of cotton; including Curacron, Dropp, Ovasyn & Prep to name a few. 


We continue to evolve this tradition in both cotton & other cropping environments, with a focus on the emerging agronomic strictures influencing maximum achievable yields; water use efficiency, soil constraints, strategic crop nutrition, resistance management, insect pest & disease mitigation and varietal physiology.


CGS services & solutions aim to minimise production risk through the quantification & management of production & profit variability, from a whole enterprise, paddock or square meter perspective. 


Whether you require competitive crop insurance, advice on optimising fertiliser inputs throughout the season, a pre-season calibration of your planter row units or advice on the easy way to achieve myBMP compliance;  talk to your local CGS branch manager or sales agronomist to find out more about CGS services & solutions.


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