Prescription Nutrition

Producing high yielding crops requires intensive management, a proactive approach to nutrition & a long-term plan that identifies key limitations to production.

Comprehensive monitoring & quantification of the trending nutrient status during peak growth periods, provides insight and enables the strategic in-crop adaption of the planned fertiliser program, to better suit the current nutrient status. This enables greater fertiliser use efficiencies & remediates any nutrition shortfalls prior to any impact on yield.


CGS nutrient management programs for winter cereals & cotton include whole paddock or production zone based plant tissue sampling during tillering (winter cereals) & peak flowering (cotton), processing of samples, trend analysis, reporting & nutrient recommendations by Nutrient Advantage accredited sales agronomists.  CGS utilise NATA accredited Nutrient Advantage & Phosen laboratories for all plant tissue analysis.


Speak to your local CGS branch manager or sales agronomist today to find out how in-crop nutrient analysis can assist you in optimising fertiliser inputs & maximising production & profit.