Frequently Asked Questions

Is CGS only about cotton?
CGS was formed over 40 years ago to service the specialty needs of Australian cotton growers and cotton is an important crop for many of our customers. Our customers businesses continue to evolve and CGS services a range of crops including summer crops, winter crops, forages and horticultural tree and field crops in certain areas. Our deep agronomic and technical cotton experience helps us to provide a high caliber service to customers growing a range of crops within their enterprise.

Does CGS only deal with cotton growers?
No. Whilst many of our customers grow cotton as part of their farming enterprise, CGS services a diversity of customers irrespective of whether they grow cotton or not.

Where are you based?
Our Head Office is located at 52 Boolcarrol Road, Wee Waa. NSW. We operate from physical locations in New South Sales, Queensland and our new office in Darwin. We also provide strategic product Depot locations in local areas to service customer needs for timely access to products.

What products & services does CGS supply? 
CGS supplies a wide range of products and services which our customers need for their operations. We specialise in crop production and crop protection, accessing world leading products and technologies to improve farm productivity. Our major product groups include fertilisers, seeds, crop protection chemistry, technology, digital tools, crop consultancy to name but a few. We supply products and services customised to suit your needs and we maintain good inventories of critical products. Your local Branch Manager is keen to discuss your needs and find you a personalised solution.

Tell me about your agronomic services
CGS employs a team of experienced and professional agronomists within our Agronomy & Technical Services team under the guidance John Ash, who are there to help you grow productive and profitable crops. Our team ‘listen’ more than they talk so we clearly understand our customer’s needs and requirements. Agronomy at CGS is a passion and we enjoy working with customers to achieve a successful outcomes.


We have noticed you have a strong focus on nutrition & fertilisers
Yes. We understand that healthy soils and tailored plant nutrition is central to the success of any cropping enterprise. Our agronomic team are highly skilled and accredited in plant nutrition to provide information and data to help farmers make informed decisions. Further, our dedicated National Business Manager (David Parker) ensures our customers can access the products they need on farm - at the right time, in the right quantity, of the right quality and all for the right price.

Product supply is always a challenge these days. How does CGS manage this?
We take our responsibility for managing supply very seriously. CGS has strong partnerships with leading companies who are committed to Australian farmers and we work closely with our supply partners to ensure our customer’s needs are met. We apply a robust forecast and ordering process to ensure we effectively manage the supply risks for our customers.

We notice CGS doesn’t supply general merchandise. Is this correct?
No. CGS takes a different approach to supplying general merchandise where rather than stock a limited range of items, we have established extensive supply arrangements. This means we can access many and diverse products at competitive prices. Simply talk to your local Branch Manager and let us know what you need and leave the rest to us.  CGS offers customers account consolidation services and transparent pricing so you always know where you stand with no smoke or mirrors. So, if you need a new set of cattle yards, fencing, water supplies, stockfeed, and animal health supplies for example, please let us know how we can help.


Does CGS offer financing options for customers?
Yes.  CGS through our Business Solutions team can develop farm input financing programs personalised to your needs. We see this as an important service for our customers and provide these services with transparency and clarity. CGS is able to provide services which include seasonal crop terms for farm inputs, pre-payment options, account consolidation services, assistance to fund specific farm inputs (including capital items), water inputs and a range of other innovative solutions for customers.  Please talk to your local Branch Manager to discuss how we can help you.

How do I become a customer of CGS?
We ask customers to submit a standard and simple CGS Trading Account Application. This can be done at any CGS Branch and one of our team will help you complete. Once reviewed, CGS will establish a Trading Account for you with an agreed credit limit. You can request adjustments to your credit limit as required, so please talk to your local Branch Manager.

Can I talk directly to the CGS Management team?
Absolutely. The CGS team consists of about 60 people and our Executive Team is locally based and available to talk with you directly. We appreciate your feedback on how we can better serve your needs, so please call us 02 6795 3100 or drop in to our Wee Waa offices, if you are in town.